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What's emerging from this emergency? What can we learn from this crisis?

Validate your feelings. Stay with it, stay with all of it.
Feel your feelings in order to deal.

Please don't get stuck in thinking about the feelings. The narrative is a distraction, feelings as the name implies, must be felt in order for us to deal.

Sit with the feeling of this moment. In moment to moment awareness notice that feelings are always changing.
It is the nature of feelings to change. Don't let your thinking mind block the natural intelligence of feelings. Let it flow dear friends. Feel each state of mind as it is, energy in motion, E-motion.

Feel into each feeling with an open heart, welcoming mind. Hold your deepest, darkest fear with your most stable, warmest self. There's so much to you that hasn't been explored yet.
Investigate. Be curious. Allow.

Feelings are best felt purposefully, without judgement in present moment awareness. Stay with yourself as you are.
Your fear, your anxiety, your tender love and warm compassion are all states of being you are capable of having. And there's more to you.

Do not rely only on the physical ground beneath your feet and the things within reach, instead rely on the real ground of being, your heart-mind.

The way we think about things, defines the state of mind you're in.

Now is the time for re-assuring self talk.
Now is the time for self-compassion and compassion for others.
Now is the time to ask for help, offer support and shelter in place.

Stay safe dear friends.
Social distancing doesn't mean we're far away. We're just a click away, a phone call away from you.
Connect to our online classes and call/FaceTime for personal support and virtual private sessions.

Sincerely yours,
Hildur Pálsdóttir (mindfulness meditation instruction, spiritual counseling, energy healing), 


“In nature, nothing exists alone.” Rachel Carson, 1962

How can we recruit our own healing power

during the Coronavirus pandemic? 

Find out by watching this informative video by our practitioner Adina Dabija. She provides important tips from the Chinese Medicine perspective to prevent and manage Coronavirus. She discusses lifestyle and self-care behaviors that everyone needs to know, along with the mindset, and supplements (including anti-viral herbs) to build the immune system during this challenging time.  


"When healthy energy is well stored within the body, no evils can cause interference."


Click link below to watch this 17 minute video. It will be the most worthwhile 17 minutes of media you've consumed in a very long time! 


Adina Dabija Zoom video link

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